Monday, August 9, 2010

The countryside and cats~ a saga in itself

OK~ We all know that summertime in Iowa is hot, humid and sticky!  And if you live in the country you probably have an abundance of farm cats.....Well, look what we found!  Isn't this kitten the cutest little thing?  I never realized her Momma was gonna have kittens- obviously, she did!  And then there is Oscar~

Let's just say that Oscar's Mother kept her in a garbage can.  Someone accidentally emptied the garbage can into another one.  Two days later, Oscar was found- alive- in the bottom of a garbage can in the box of an empty oil filter box.  Oscar was probably 5 weeks old at the time.  Oscar is thriving, doing well and quite a hunter!  He was the little kitty around here, not anymore; now that we found this cute striped kitten!  Oh, so glad to know that Stumpy is having kittens as I write this!  Garrett just informed me that we have "fresh" kittens in the barn.............

It's sure looking like I will not have to worry about a single mouse in the house this fall~ with all of these cats running around.....A little over a year ago I was ready to fire every single farm cat, as the mice were in my house............

Always something going on~ gotta love Iowa in the summertime!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. As the wife of a self-proclaimed cat hater, I'm not sure how life will go when we move up to our farm. I have already said there will be need for barn cats (and, let's be honest...kittens ARE adorable). He doesn't so much agree (but I'm sure I'll win that fight).

    Enjoy your new babies!

  2. Oh my,cuteness overload here!! the kitten is cute but Oscar is quite handsome :)

  3. You have such sweet (and lucky) kitties!

  4. Oscar looks just like the cat who had eight kittens at my FIL's farm! Needless to say after he adopted the kittens out, the Momma cat was fixed. Whoever the daddy is of Oscar and the cat my FIL has is sure making the rounds in Iowa :)
    Love the kitten- so cute!!!


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