Sunday, August 1, 2010

How do you really know if you are a TRUE Iowan?

OK~ Here's my top five reasons on how you know if you are a TRUE Iowan!

  • You recognize the difference between a corn field and a soy bean field AND maybe even recall the days of walking beans!
  • You realize that our public schools are in financial craziness (You have actually read your property tax bill)
  • You can relate to " Deer Magnet" that recently made the national news.  Too many of these crazy things running around, personally; I DISLIKE them on the hood of my car!
  • You know what a "tractor" ride is and maybe even participated
  • When someone says, "Yeah, I know where Iowa is" and they say, "Oh yeah, Ohio, where they grow the potatoes!"~ You just smile and let it go!
With another Iowa State Fair upon us~ a great tradition in itself~ we Iowans are proud to say we live in Iowa~ great place to raise our kids~ but, I honestly can't say it's a great place to stay!  Economically our state needs to get it together.  Young adults graduating from college are leaving the state faster than you and I can say, "IOWA."  Our family farms are fading, with this goes a way of life~  I see this daily..........What to do, what to do......After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I have to admit I am not an Iowan, Now I would love a tractor ride. Have no idea what a Deer girl is lol I think I could pick out the different fields as we picked beans when we were little to make some money. I guess we are all in financial distress in the schools and all I wish your state better finances for schools since it really is so important as kids are our future.

  2. I would bet that iowa is similar to Canada's Saskatchewan, Where men are men and sheep are nervous! I do not know if you ever had a chance to catch a Canadian TV show called Corner gas that is based in a small prarie town called Dog River, real funny show.

    And yes I know what a tractor ride is and we have lots of corn fields here in Ontario, but the rest, we just smile and wave!
    Poor Dear Magnet, up here it would have to be a moose! but no one would survive hitting 2 let alone 5


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