Monday, August 30, 2010

Random thoughts on bicyclists and more

OK~ It is now almost September 1, and bicycle season has been here for a few months.  I can honestly say that through the course of the whole season, I have seen two, yes TWO, bicyclists stop at a stop sign.  Do bicyclists not understand the concept of STOP......Maybe it is the fact that we drivers of our automobiles are so used to driving to be on the look out for them - AND we slow down and let them go on through.  Statistically, it's probably not a good thing for a bicyclist to get used to,  as all it takes is one time, and an accident can occur.

When our kids were younger we rode our bicycles a lot.  And I can say that we did stop at those stop signs. Maybe these random thoughts are pointless, as I see many cars sliding through those stop signs as well........Makes it interesting when you have a teenage driver in the house and you are trying to show them the rules of the road.....I do make it a point to obey a stop sign, as I do not want to deal with the consequences.  Just the other day Garrett and I counted six cars that ran right through stop signs~ this is small town Iowa, not a big city. I can only imagine.......After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Just today a 15 yo boy was killed by Hit & Run Driver in Leamington Ontario (Near Detroit)
    I wish people were more responsible and careful!


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