Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There is hope~ My 15 year old is FINALLY getting it!

OK~ I've always been an admirer of Moms that claim their boys, or young men, can keep their school work neat as a pin!  Through the years my boys should have been given the title of "King of Disorganization!"  I can recall when Blaine was in 6th Grade and just entered Middle School.  He, of course, was not bringing anything home that needed to be shared with me or any homework, etc......So, I went into the Principal's office about two weeks after school started and said, "I am here to clean out Blaine's locker- what is the locker # and combination?"  She looked at me and said, "Hallelujah!" Mind you, this is just a couple weeks after school started.  I opened his locker and papers upon papers just fell out of it!  I tossed a lot of paper into a recycling bin that day........And his younger brother has not been any better........BUT, he's now in 10th Grade and carried some homework home today~ This kid has not brought homework home in probably five years!  When he did bring anything home- it was folder, upon folder, upon folder, with crinkled papers everywhere.....Look at what he brought home today!  I am still stunned!
We have two very neat notebooks and a Math Book......Sure, we are only one full week into the new school year~ THIS is MAJOR at this house!!!!!  I can't get over how neat this is.........Will it last?  Time will tell...Usually, by the end of Week #1- we have papers, papers, papers, everywhere.......This Mom is praying hard that this lasts......After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Well, my son, a 6th grader brings home his homework. He just doesn't turn it in! LOL His poor grades.

    I hope it lasts for your son this year and so forth!



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