Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All of this Fundraising

OK~ The new school year is officially here and clubs/groups here in Iowa are on the fundraising prowl.  Maybe it is magazines, candy, chocolate, "junk", or maybe "stuff."  I understand the concept that there are many awesome groups for our youth and they desperately need our support.  BUT, please, parents let your child do the selling!  Part of being involved in a group is learning responsibility.  When a parent takes the reigns and doesn't let the child call "Aunt Suzie," seriously, what is the child learning?  Parents are definitely enabling their kids when their child is not actively involved in fundraising.

When I worked outside the home, I can honestly say that I was annoyed when parents would place a sheet of paper in the employee lounge to buy something from so and so. People have called us to purchase some things we have been selling, when they know we are selling something they want.  In this case, I have followed through, as the parent. I'll let my son know that so and so bought such and such. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I always have my kids approach the people they are "selling" to and they are the ones to say, "Thank You." When kids/teens are not actively involved, why have a fundraiser in the first place?

I realize that parents will pay the price financially if their children do not partake in the fundraisers, but it truly is part of belonging to a group.  Being on a team or part of a group should not be about how much money is made!  It should be about the relationships, friendships, as well as life long skills that are learned from being a part of the group!  Are you and your family doing your part to help build those relationships within the organizations your kids/teens are involved in?  I know this family is trying, and yes, there are the occasional fundraisers, but we do make the best of them!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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