Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Ninja, Rest In Peace

OK~ This Mom has seriously lost count on the number of hamsters we have had through the years.  Huey, Larry, Junior, Ninja, and Ninja ( yes, there were 2 Ninja's).  I know I'm missing one or two, but not sure which one (s)!

On Tuesday night at midnight, Garrett comes knocking on my door, "Mom, Ninja died."  I said, "Oh, OK, we will have to bury him tomorrow."  I crawled over, went back to sleep.  Not sure if I handled this incident well or not.

Garrett got home from school yesterday and I mentioned that he should go bury Ninja.  He went to get him out of his cage.  You know, one thing about Ninja, I only recall that he went on one tour of the house.  The hamsters we have had in the past ALL took waaayyyyy too many tours of the house!  Maybe it's just the fact that Garrett was older and actually got the cage door locked!

Garrett found the perfect tree, dug a hole and said goodbye to Ninja.  I can honestly say this bothered me more than him.  I was proud of him.......he treated his hamster with dignity- at least, that's what this Mom thought!  It's all part of that circle of life as we know it.....Life and death.....It's hard watching a child say good-bye to one of their beloved pets!  Oh well, life goes on!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

P.S.  I think (secretly hope) Ninja is the last pet hamster we have in this house!

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