Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day

OK~ Another holiday, Labor Day!  What does Labor Day mean to you?  Is it all about work, relaxation, or just another day......This Mom has spent most of this week-end helping with The Heartland Grand Trapshooting Event near Ackley, Iowa.  Our high school trap shooting team is fortunate enough to be asked to work at this HUGE event in Iowa!  It is fun to see that teens, parents, coaches, mentors, grandparents and the like can all work together to make this happen. The days are long, but a very rewarding job at the end of the week-end.  And Wow, some of the men, women, and youth that shoot here are amazing!  As a Mom of teenage boys you never know where you will find yourself-  I have found myself teaching Cub Scouts how to shoot b-b guns, Cub Master, camping with the Cub/Boy Scouts and now I'm finding myself on a trapshooting range.......Never thought I'd find myself on one of those......After All, It's All In a Mom's day, Right?

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