Monday, September 20, 2010

Teens and "the dress code"

OK~ My oldest son (19 1/2) is getting very close to no longer being labeled a "teen."  He came home from work late this afternoon and stated that he would be attending an evening funeral.  He said, "Mom, have you ever been to a funeral at night?" I said,  "No."  He then went upstairs, showered and changed his clothes.  I have to tell you that I was rather stunned, as he had taken the time to find the dressiest clothes that he owned.  I was thinking to myself, "Wow, I must have done something right."  He knows that he should try to present himself the best that he can for a funeral.  He said to me, "Mom, these are the dressiest clothes I have, are they OK?"  Another , "Wow!"  He looked nice- no jeans- nice dress pants, sweater and dress shoes!  There is hope!

I will admit that I am rather saddened that he was attending the funeral of another young person, an 18 year old girl that lost her life in an auto accident last week.  We have lost many young people within our community to auto accidents over the past year, and he unfortunately has known many of them.  Just when we think our teens are not listening to us, God tends to send one of his little reminders to us!
After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. That was good to hear, Sounds like a fine young man that you are raising!
    Sorry to hear of the 18yo girl losing her life in the accident though.


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