Friday, October 29, 2010

The Annual Ritual of Sending out Christmas Cards is Approaching~Shutterfly to the Rescue

OK~ I'm beginning to think about Christmas Cards, are you?  I'm thinking that Shutterfly  will be a resource for this Mom in 2010! The selection of Christmas Cards, Holiday Photo Cards, and even Christmas Gift Tags  seems to be never ending! So, how is a Mom to choose a Christmas Card this season?  Well, due to the fact that I did NOT send out Christmas cards last year, this will prove to be a wonderful solution for this Mom!

Isn't the theme of this particular card cute?  I like the way the candy canes are wrapped up in "Merry Christmas!"  Just a fun way to spread some joy when it comes to the holiday season!  The cool thing about Shutterfly is that each card is unique to you and your family.

And the Gift Tag Selection is HUGE~ Isn't this one fun? This would be a simple way to carry out the candy cane theme.

Maybe you want something a little different~ a Holiday Card. This one is fun! Another beauty of using this company~ You can even opt to have them mail many different styles of cards as well.  So, what's your excuse for not sending out A card during this upcoming Christmas season? Probably pretty hard to find one~ now that you have been introduced to Shutterfly.

You can download pictures of your choice that reflect upon your family!  So~ go for it!  Choose the card that suits your fancy and set a goal~ How about having your Christmas cards ready to go out the day after Thanksgiving?  Well, not sure if I can do that either, but maybe try....After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

* I did not receive product to review, but for posting this I will received a promo code for 50 free holiday cards.  The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

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