Monday, October 18, 2010

Bullying and our Families

OK~ I've read more stories in the news today on bullying than I have read the past year.  What is going on with our kids?  The impact of bullying cannot be good for any family in America today.  We, as parents are seriously going to have to work on taking back our kids and say NO to all of this bullying.

I not only hear stories of how kids are bullied at school, but I hear of how horrible the environment is in our classrooms in our schools.  I recently had the opportunity to sit amongst a High School Senior, Sophomore and a Freshman.  The conversation went like this-

Senior:  You hear it to, don't you?
Me:  What are you talking about"
Senior:  Oh, I was just asking them if the kids swear in their classes?
Me:  (Eyes and ears NOW focused) In the classroom?  And what is done about it?
Freshman:  Nothing
Me:  What do you mean nothing?
Sophomore:  The teachers are afraid to send them to the office because the office says they have too many kids in the office.
Me:  Thinking.......this is wrong! I then asked," Does the teacher say anything to the student who is swearing?"
Freshman:  Nope, the teachers choose to ignore it.
Senior and Sophomore say:  That's about right.

OK~ That's just a little view of what is happening in the classrooms of one public high school.  It seems tho me that kids are even thriving on bullying our teachers.  From the students point of view, they seem to think that teachers are afraid to confront students.  My thought is that there's probably a lot of extra paper work that they choose not to have to deal with.  Our kids/teens are crying out for structure and desperately need it.  The one place we, as a society, should be able to offer structure, would be our public schools.  Ummmmm.....Food for thought.  This bullying is out of control and I guess we as parents need to keep talking with our kids, listening to them, and reaching out for "help" (whoever that may be) when it is necessary.

Maybe, just maybe, if families would make church activities a little more of a priority in the lives of our children/teens, a small dent could be put into all of this bullying. The past three out of five weeks, our son has been the only youth at our High School Youth Group at our church- where are all of the teens?I'm assuming many of them are at home on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and some are at a high school sporting event AND some are out running the streets- AND  a whole other post- all of these sporting events on Sundays..........

 If anything, it would be a great way for families to be together, be in a supportive environment where swearing and disrespect is not accepted!  Just my ramblings........After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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