Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How Old is Too Old For Trick Or Treating?

OK~ This was in the news several times throughout the day.  I thought~ I will blog about it, I won't blog about it and here I am blogging about it.  Now, growing up in Iowa, on the Farm, my brother, sister and I wore a mask- yes, a mask (nothing else in the costume department for Halloween).  We went trick or treating in the family car.  We stopped at a neighbor, yes 1 house.  Went to visit both Grandma's and that was it!  We had a few pieces of candy and were rather content!

When we got to school the next day kids would literally talk about the pillowcases that they had full of candy!  I had candy that would fit in my pocket, I really never believed that kids could get that much candy!  Fast forward several years....We lived in town for a few years and let me tell ya~ We had some tall kids show up at our door in their street clothes and they would look at me and say NOTHING.  I would then say, "Why are you here?"  They would then mumble, "Trick or Treat!"  Ok, I gave them a piece of candy.

My boys may have been denied the Trick or Treating experience, as once they turned 11- this Mom said ENOUGH!  I don't think they feel deprived, as they did not complain when I told them they were too old.  They accepted it and dealt with it!  This Mom just feels that Trick or Treat night on Halloween is for little kids and their families.  It should not be a night where older kids are encouraged to run the streets and fill up pillowcases~ Just this Mom's opinion!   After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. All I know is that after going as a child, taking my siblings, then my sister's kids and finally my own, I have gone trick or treating about 33 years. This year I said, I have had enough! I am over it! My 6 yr old doesn't care, she is terrified of Halloween decorations this year. My 12 year old thinks she is too cool and my 9 yr old just wanted me to pick him up some beef jerky as a treat instead. If I had known it would be this easy, I would have quit years ago!!

  2. my girls still trick or treat and they will be 14 & 12 in february. i think that once you're in high school, that maybe you're too old. i think i quit after 9th or 10th grade, and even then, I only went to two friends' houses. with that being said, the high schoolers around here are so annoying & they'll come back more than once. maybe i'm going to start putting a sign up saying, 'no one over the age of 13 will get any, so go away!' lol

  3. I agree trick or treating should be no older than 13ish lol But I had to say my sister and I were just talking about what we wore when we were little and do you remember those thin masks with the rubber band holding it on your head and your face would get all sweaty trying to breath thru the little nostril holes and slit mouth? omg that is what we had for costumes they came in a box and you could get them at any store. Times have changed as far as that goes. I don't get many treaters on my street as I live on a dead end.


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