Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Things We Take For Granted

OK~ Thinking that I take way too many things for granted in my life........Think about it!  If you are like me, you take it for granted that your kids will be here tomorrow to hug, right?  You probably also take it for granted that you will be perfectly healthy tomorrow and the next day, and so forth, right?  Enjoy today- make the best of it!  Be thankful for those that you share the day with, do not be bitter!  Hug your kids, tell your significant other that you love them~ OH, and don't forget to say a prayer before you eat your next hot meal!  Just another thing I know that I take for granted!  And maybe your College Football team did not win today, but be thankful that you were able to watch the game!  And in Iowa, another beautiful October day~ So many things we take for granted......think about it....Maybe it's time to make a few changes here and there~ We've been given many blessings each day, so reach out and grab 'em!  After All, It's All In A Mom 's Day, Right?

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