Saturday, November 13, 2010

50 years of Marriage on an Iowa Farm

OK~ Here go my ramblings on how I'm going to get to 50 years of marriage with my beloved hubby!  My parents celebrated 50 years of Marriage yesterday and I think to myself- Wow, 50 years sounds like a long time.  But, when you start and think of "life" and all of its happenings, it's really not that long of a period of time~ OR is it?

I do believe patience is a key term for all of us when it comes to marriage.  We are surviving the teenage years (the last I checked).  Why do those years as parents become so challenging?  When we became parents we knew that our kids would be babies, toddlers, kids, teens, young adults and so forth.....But~ Nobody tells you that you may possibly get to know several police officers by first name,  have to clean up vomit at all hours of the night, AND be a multi-tasker unlike any other era of your life!

50 years is a milestone.......We will get there through the thick and thin!  Through the bad and the good~ and of course we will get there through many fun times!  Thinking back of how my parents survived the teenage years with my siblings and I~ Well, they endured the calls from the local police, the occasional letter from the school, and several slumber parties with "noisy" girls!  And of course they survived the years that I convinced my Dad to buy me a pony, which turned into years my Dad would rather forget about!

Living in Iowa is such a good place to raise a family~The open country, clean air and a sense of freedom unlike any other place we could raise a family............I'm thankful to be an Iowa farm girl and proud to be the daughter of a true retired American Farmer and his wife!  Life is good in my own little corner of the world~ Now, to be patient and work on 26 more years of marriage~ and 50 it will be!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I've read that the times of greatest turmoil in a marriage aren't the teen years but rather the time when a couple has infants & small children. I'm sure that your decision to rear your kids in Iowa no doubt has contributed to your successfully guiding them thru the thicket of scary stuff other American kids are going thru. Congrats on 24 yrs married, may the next 26 yrs be filled with many blessings for you both!

  2. I agree, patience is definitely key. I have to remind myself of that continuously.

    Congratulations on your 24 years and to the next 26. :)

  3. This is a great post!, Congrats to your parents and congrats on your own 24 years, There is not enough of thses long partnerships any longer.
    We are in our 30th year now and life sure does throw some curveballs, but as long as we do not strike out we will be fine!


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