Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chinese Fire Drill!

OK~ Garrett and I are on the way home from youth group last night.  This fine conversation goes like this........

Garrett:  Can you still do a Chinese Fire Drill?

Me:  I played dumb...What are you talking about?

Garrett:  Would you get arrested if you did that?

Me:  What exactly are you referring to?

Garrett:  It's when you stop the car ANYWHERE ( as in the middle of the road) and everybody gets out, runs around and finds a new seat in the car!

Me:  Ummm (Pondering how to respond) You can't stop the car just anywhere.  You would have to stop at a stop sign or stop light.

Garrett:  So, you are saying I wouldn't get arrested for doing that?

Me: No comment........Crank the radio up and no comment the rest of the way home.

We pull into the garage and Garrett says, "Mom, so you think it would be OK to do a Chinese Fire Drill?"  I responded, "Nope! Never OK...I am done discussing this"

He's got a little bit of time before he's driving~ He is 15 and as of right now has no desire to get his driver's license...Maybe a good thing, don't you think?  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Not to give anyone bad ideas, but what we used to do when I was 17 (a long long time ago) and driving my 76 VW rabbit with standard transmission there would be 4 of us in the car and when rolling up to a stop sign we would open all 4 doors stick out 1 foot each dragging them on the pavement, while I pull up on the emergency brake to stop the car, we would get some crazy looks.

    Fun times but I do not suggest it be done now.

  2. I was coming home with a bunch of kids in 2 different vehicles with another very straight laced mom. This was about 3 yrs ago when our girls were 14. We came to a stop light and she called me on my cell phone to do a fire drill! We even swapped vehicles! LOL It was insane. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it was my first Chinese fire drill and it was pretty fun! =) I wouldn't suggest it though!

  3. I remember doing countless Chinese fire drills with my church Youth group as a kid.
    It was fun at the time, but now as a Mom I think I would wring my kids neck if he does something so dangerous when he's driving (Which will at least be literally 14 more years lol) around with friends.

    Stopping by from Fun Follow Friday!

  4. Wilfred!!! OMG - that's hysterical! I can't stop laughing over that one and continually picturing it in my head - and then laughing all over again!!! Hahaha!

    I'm such a bad mom - I think it'd be funny if the kids did it! And bigguysmama -that is hysterical, I never heard of two cars switching - that's great!!

    Can't wait to tell my kids about the 'foot brake' thing! Though most of their friends drive trucks...ah well - one thing they can't do to get in trouble, I guess. Heh.


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