Monday, November 1, 2010

My "3" Things

OK~ Life has been pretty chaotic in our community the past week or so.....It's time to think of some happy thoughts and I did NOT have to think too hard to come up with My "3" Things.

  1. My teens~ I honestly never know what they are going to say, what they are going to wear and why they do the things they do!  And you know what? It makes my life fun and interesting.
  2. My dogs~ Wally and Skipper...Have to love the fact that we had a roaming skunk for a few days during Halloween! 

3. My life~ Yep, my life would be #3!  Thankful to be able to laugh, walk, and enjoy my family each 
    day!  It's really OK when my 15 year old calls demanding to be picked up NOW!  I'm thankful he 
    can call, with a tone of rudeness, and we can discuss it all later!  Life is full of ups and downs- but
    if there's anything I've taken away from this past week, it truly is to laugh and enjoy life!

These are happy thoughts.......We all need to remember that God does have a plan for each little blessing our lives!  Each one of us has something to offer~ A smile, friendship, a loving hand, a hug, or even just being there for someone in a time of need!  Just My "3" Things~ You have "3" Things to share?  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right? 


  1. I think that I can sum this up by just saying "You Get It!"

    Life is where we can appreciate things that sometime get taken for granted.

    Kudos for putting it in words.

  2. Sounds like a perfect 3 to me!

  3. Those are 3 beautiful things! I with you, I'm thankful every day that I can be frustrated with my teen and yet still have him home to hug when I need to. I'm thankful every evening when he walks back in the door after being out with friends. And I'm thankful those when those friends make it home safely.


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