Monday, November 8, 2010

Self Check-outs~ This Mom sighs.....

OK~ Several stores now have self check-outs.  Where you, the consumer, ring your own purchases over a scanner.  What's so unappealing to me is the fact that 9 times out of 10,  a store employee needs to assist in the purchase.  Yes, I do know that you must wait for the item to register as "in the sack."  Just my ramblings on Monday~ I guess it is job security for the person that assists all of these purchases.  And in today's world we all know how important having a job is.  Oh, and then the Express Lane, don't even get this Mom going!  The last time I used one of those the gentleman ahead of me had more than 25 items and the sign explicitly said "12 items of less!"  Just proves my point again, that many adults can't read, so why should we expect our kids to perform better in school~ Now, that's another blog post!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Sara,

    I LOVE self check out...usually there is NO LINE and I can get out of the store fast. I've even learned how to self-check my produce!!!

  2. I remember when ATM's first came out at the banks that we were slow in using them, thinking that we trusted a teller more than we trusted a box of wires and circuit boards.
    Or hey maybe it was all a sham and in behind the ATM was a circus monkey doing your banking for you and sticking your cash out the slot for you to grab.
    At any rate it took me a while to do most of my banking on a machine, and then it all happened again when we switched to doing a lot of our banking 24/7 on our home computer.

    New ideas and advancements take a while to gain the trust of the public.

    Dang I could write a blog post on this my self!, maybe I will

  3. Self checking the produce is an accomplishment! Oh yeah, and the ATMS's, what would we do without them today? Another way we have outsourced jobs in our own country...the development of another machine!

  4. Ha, ha! I never thought about that! I often use the self-checkout but you're right, there are usually a couple of workers running around to the different lanes "helping" everybody.

    And I also find it frustrating how many people can't read--or perhaps more accurately, can't follow directions!

  5. I love the self-checkout! I'm a pro at it, and can get out of there super quickly. I get the most annoyed because the fact that I bring my own bags seems to always throw the computer for a loop. One store recently added a step asking if I brought my own bags, so slowly, they're catching on!


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