Friday, November 12, 2010

The Weather~ This Mom wonders about the weatherman (weatherwoman)

OK~ Just returned from giving Garrett a ride to school.  There was a rain/snow mix....People~ Please remember that in Iowa we do have Winter driving conditions, SLOW DOWN!  The highway, in town, looked wet....Sleet pouring down!  I watched someone slide right through a stop light, avoid hitting the car in front of me, and turned the car 360 degrees.  Yep, this person was lucky!

And I do have to wonder how the weather people used to figure out the forecast.  There were no computer models to follow~ I'm assuming the science, when it comes to weather, has not changed that much over the years.  We have rain, snow, mixed precipitation, ice, thunderstorms, tornadoes....I'm just wondering~ How accurate were the weather forecasts "back then?" This morning I awoke to a lady from the National Weather Service speaking with a local radio personality stating, "In North Iowa you will see rain today. Changing to a little bit of snow after midnight into tomorrow~ minor accumulations."  "But, this all depends on the computer model!"  So, my question, why exactly do we pay people to produce weather forecasts? You and I can probably go online and look at the same thing these professionals do. Just my ramblings for the day........Hopefully this little sleet "show" will come to a close rather quickly!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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