Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where did that cat come from?

OK~ I'm in my own little world~ I hear Garrett say, "Where did that cat come from?"  Mind you.....I am sitting in the house and we have NO house cats!  I look up, and our dear cat, so cleverly named Gray, is prancing across the living room floor.  Garrett is watching the cat.  At this point she disappeared and I followed her to the basement.  I'm thinking she has had way too many tours of our house, as she seemed to know how to elude being tossed back outside.  You may recall that we had mice in our house a couple years ago and I said I was ready to fire every single outside farm cat we had.  Living in the country, In Iowa, we do have a few critters now and then.  Well, she was one that I brought into the house to rummage through the closet where the mice had been.  She had no interest in any mice~not even the one in the trap!

She is quite the clever cat~ She is Gray and she is also the cat that we would see out "in" the garbage bag- we would see her tail- not the rest of her! She did that each garbage pick up day....That ended when Todd fired the garbage man~ That's a whole other blog post......After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. So, where is Gray now? In or out?

  2. Gray is back out~ with all of the other "farm", "barn" cats!


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