Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wow~ Did this Old Lady hear that right?

OK~ Time to rise and shine.....The conversation goes like this~

Me:  "Garrett, Time to Get Up"

Garrett:  "Can you take me to school today?"

Me:  "Sure"

Geeze, when did I get so soft?  Clocky has not been put to use for quite some time and actually he is not really needed.  Our ride to school was fairly good.  More great comments as we get close to the high school and observe someone turn the wrong way down a street.

Garrett:  "Look at that.  Must be some old 40 year old lady"

I was stunned!  I now know that my 15 year old son has defined his Mother as an OLD LADY!  We then get to school-

Me:  "Have a Fun Day!"

Garrett:  Gives me the look- "What did you say? Fun, don't you mean good day?"

Well, I guess my 15 year old son does "listen" to me.  Thinking about it, I usually say Have a Good Day,  not a Fun Day!  Oh well.........After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. At least it is daylight for you, My Son the Security Dude just called me wanting a ride home tonight from the Bar he will be bouncing at. at 2:30 am! Arggh the Daddy Taxi will have the meter running.


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