Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mom~ The Red Light Is Off

OK~ Blaine comes home and says, "The brake light on my car is red!"  Believe me, I'm thinking you are asking the wrong person.  Red light tells me to stop.  He goes on his way, I go on mine. Today he says, "The red brake light is still on.  I wonder if it needs brake fluid?" I'm thinking, sounds like an option to me.
Now, this is how a Mom knows that her boys are not little boys anymore.  I say, "Garrett, can you check the brake fluid in your brother's car?"  He says, "Sure." My 15 year old is out checking the brake fluid in my soon to be 20 year old's car.

Wow~ I'm thinking back to when we were outside swinging, sledding down the hill in East Park, and digging that lost toy out of the bottom of the toy box.  Where did all of those years go.........

Brake fluid is in car, a new quart of oil is also in~ Garrett and I head back to the house.  Blaine starts his car and gives us the thumbs up~The red brake light is off!  Amazing what a little bit of brake fluid will do, isn't it?  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Aww!! Such sweet boys! I am glad they helped each other out and that the car issue was solved!!

    Sara (@Doodle741)

  2. Ha, ha! I love it! My "baby" boy just changed my windshield washer fluid and replaced my wipers. (Like I would even have a clue as to knowing which one of those gadget-thingies under the hood to put windshield washer fluid in!)


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