Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MOM, What Are You Listening To?

OK~ The boys and I were in the car today.  It's rare that the three of us are in one car.  Garrett usually takes control of the radio~ I have accustomed myself to this.  I don't pay attention to what is playing, I really don't.  He turned it to a radio station that I honestly never listen to.  I know, I know....My age is showing.  Blaine and I were having a conversation and all of a sudden he says, "Mom, What Are You Listening To? "I'm thinking, "This must not be good, my almost 20 year old is questioning my taste in music!"  It was at that point that I listened to what was playing....Every other word started with an "F", a "S", and other slang words that I knew were not good, but I have no clue what they mean!

Garrett, who is 15, reached over and turned it to another station, which he knows I do listen to.  This was later in the afternoon, as both boys know that Mom is in control of the radio station in the morning when it comes to giving them a ride to school or work!  The station then: Contemporary Christian Music!  And guess what?  They don't move the dial, push a button, as they know Mom expects them to listen to this!  I just think it's a great way for them to start their day (and mine too).

It's interesting how we can tune things out in our lives when we really need to.  I was focusing on the fact that I had both of my teenage sons in the car, we were all getting along, and conversing!  We all were enjoying ourselves!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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