Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's NO Sound, Help!

OK~ I am on the computer and trying to access a You Tube video that one of my Facebook friends has produced...Grr...No sound.  I kid you not!  I cannot hear anything.  I am clicking on the arrow- making sure the sound bar is up on YouTube- So, everything looks good on this end.  I then look at this receiver that is hooked up to the computer, click a few buttons, still no sound.  I then think- A ha...I'll hook up these headphones.  Hooked up- still no sound!  I then resort to my 15 year old- Of course he claims that I know nothing about this process.

Ok~ Here it goes:

Me:  "Garrett , can you help me find the sound?"

Garrett: " Mom, you can't figure anything out?"

Me: " Just a little help?"

Garrett:  OK- He comes over and messes with the receiver as I am sitting with the headphones on, which are hooked up.  "Hear anything, Mom?"

Me:  "Nope"

Garrett:  "What are you trying to listen to?  You don't have anything open that plays sound? Do you know anything?"

Me; "Oops"

Guess what?  Garrett turned something on so I had sound, but this Mom failed to open anything that has sound!  Geeze, did I look like an idiot!?   Here I am sporting headphones wondering why I can't hear anything and you know what?  It's necessary to find something to listen to with sound once you have everything working.  Well, Garrett claims his Mother knows nothing about electronics now~ no surprise!
After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Awww, poor mom!! ((HUG)) I hope you got to see (and hear) your friend's video!


  2. Kids grasp this Digital world a lot better than some people of our generations, but I am glad to of lived through the 60's, 70's and 80's which in many ways were a simpler time (and with much better music!)


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