Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yep, I Have A Cat For You.....

OK~ I'm surfing through Facebook and I notice that one of my friends is on the hunt for a cat.  I notice that she has had a disappointing day, as she had been to the local Humane Society/Animal Shelter and found a cat that she and her family fell in love with.  She then proceeded to say that she completed the 4 sheets of paper work, but could not adopt a cat due to the fact that her Vet could not provide the necessary records from a previous cat that they had owned.  I looked outside at all of our farm cats....Ummm...

I then sent her a message letting her know that I had cats!  I offered her Tree Cat, but she said they wanted a female.  No problem, I knew I had a couple really cute female cats.  They looked alike, same Mother, and were very friendly.  So, I went out to pick up one of them....and, of course they ran from me.  I caught one female cat, or so I thought, and it rode very nice in the car...A whole three miles!

Well, this little kitty that was five months old....bonded with this family instantly!  "Ginger" had found a new home!  It's now a couple days later and I see that "Ginger" has been to the Vet, is healthy and HE needs a new name!  I guess next time I will "look" rather good before I say, "Yep, I have a female cat for you!"  I guess I failed to tell her that our male cat is named "Susie!"  That should have given her the first hint that this Mom has no clue~ After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. So that cat belonged to Johnny Cash since you have a Boy named Sue :)

  2. Cute story you are funny Sara made me laugh out loud on this story!


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