Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cats, Bus Drivers to School~ It's all Connected

OK~ I thought today was going really, really well.  After all, I had an eye doctor appointment and nothing had changed. My current script for my multi-focal contact lenses was just fine. Fast forward about five hours. I managed to have a mishap with one of our farm cats. One of my favorite. This kitty is resting peacefully in kitty heaven.

Garrett gets home from school, sends me a text message. "Did you hear about Jim?" Well, I knew where that was going.  Jim was his bus driver that had been ill. Jim passed away. Let me tell you a little bit about Jim-  This wonderful bus driver was one of the few people through the years, within our local school system that took the time to really get to know Garrett. I know teachers are busy, have hundreds of kids to work with, but many just don't take the time to build a relationship with the kids. He was a man that encouraged and believed in Garrett. He showed interest in Garrett's activities. They chatted about hunting, trap shooting, and just life in general. I was so pleased to see him show up this August when school rolled around as our bus driver- since he had retired. He told me he just couldn't stay away from all of "his" kids!

My wish is that every child could meet someone like Jim within their school system. Unfortunately, many will not. One of my older son's teachers told me, "You know, he was quiet, never said much." I replied "And how did you make a connection with my son?" Guess what? She was quiet pretty darn fast.  My point being....Every child needs positive relationship building role models in their lives- it does make a difference! On those really dark days of Middle School, I know Jim believed in Garrett! There was a connection...From the bus drivers to the cafeteria workers in our school systems, relationships are being built.

So, if you work in a school or work with kids, know that you are making a difference! Kids are looking up to you and your connection may be what keeps them in school. Our local school district had a graduation rate of 87.5% last year, there is work to be done!  It's about relationships and Jim knew how to build those!

Life is full of blessings and our family is so blessed to have known such a wonderful man! Oh, and that orange/white kitty was pretty darn cute too!  Heaven gained a couple of our family favorites today~ After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. A fitting tribute, Sorry for the loss of such a great bus driver


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