Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't Blink

OK~ I spent the day with my soon to be 20 year old son. Where, oh where have those years went~ I must have blinked too much! We chatted about all of the things we did when he was little. So thankful that we took the time to do all the many things we have done with him. Oh, and I'm sure there are many more fun times to come! But, it's so fun to see him smile so big when we talked about all of the road trips, family chaos, and the brotherly love! It's no secret that our two boys really don't get along that well. I do think as they are getting older, they are beginning to reconnect.


Fun times...play time....Gotta love it~ then he grows up~ I know that many years have passed when he says to me, "Mom, you are every used car salesman's nightmare!"

I recall the day we came home from the hospital with a newborn baby...My room mate said to me, "Enjoy him while he's little!" I thought to myself, "What does she know?" Yeah...turns out she knew what she was talking about. After all, she had just given birth to her third child, and I had my first born child~ a true blessing from God, in my arms~and he's now 19 3/4+! Yikes...so that in turn means that this Mom has lots of gray hair, funny looking feet, and the feeling of "old!" Just my observations, as we age our hair does turn gray (Thank God for hair color), feet look different(especially the toenails) and that feeling of tired before the 10 o'clock news hits the air! My advice to all Mom's out there~ Don't Blink!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. My kids are only 3 1/2 and 1 1/2, but it feels like I JUST found out I was pregnant. I KNOW that I need to stop blinking b/c they'll be 20 before I know it. I'm so thankful that I realize that and cherish every second-the good and the bad!

  2. Aww!! Happy (almost) Birthday to him!! Mine are 6 and 2, and I agree - how did they get to be 6 and 2 so quickly?!


  3. What a great post! I really needed this today. I know that time flies, but lately it's been standing stone still. I think all young mothers have their days (weeks) where time seems to stand still. I know it will pass -much faster than I think it will.

    Thank you for reminding me and giving me a change of perspective. I think I might have enough motivation to do my dishes (again)) now. :)

  4. i love this..
    yes, i too have learned all to fast
    i mean, he is almost 2, but it seems like yesterday i was waiting for marc to get to the hospital

  5. Sweet post and handsome young man. I have adult daughters now; in fact, I am a grandmother. I was blessed to have late-in-life blessings, too, so I'm enjoying every minute with my 15yo daughter and 13yo son while I can. I hope when they are grown they will laugh as we discuss memories, also. Best wishes to your beautiful family.


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