Sunday, January 23, 2011

Frostbite~ A Hazard of an Iowa Winter

OK~ Frost bite has struck at our house this winter. It's not a pretty sight and by no means any fun! On one of those really, really cold days in December, our 15 year old son got frostbite on several toes. Now the crazy thing about this is that he had on boots and heavy socks. And "they" do say that people get frostbite and never realize they have it. On that cold, winter day he was outside in a building working on an engine. A little bit of heat blowing on he and his Dad, but time got away from them. They came into the house and Garrett never, ever complained about his feet! About a week later several toes started turning purple and blistery. I thought to myself, "I think I've read somewhere that Epsom salts are good for feet in this condition!" So, I encouraged him to soak his frostbitten feet ( I did not know they were frost bitten at the time) in hot water with the Epsom salt! Bad, bad, bad! Hot water is not good for frost bitten feet.

So, a few days later, I thought it might be frost bite. I called the Doctor office and made an appointment for later that same day. I then googled frost bite, and sure enough his feet looked just like the pictures that showed up on the google search. He would never let me take a picture of them. His toes are dark purple and blistery....they still are and we are over a month out from the incident. The solution to all of this: Time! Interesting enough that the Doctor googled frostbite while we were in his office and showed me the same pictures that I had looked at.

We can be thankful his feet are not black and he was not out any longer than he was. His toes will be sensitive to the cold, forever!  My advice when the temps are hovering around 0 degrees, or even a windchill below 0~ stay indoors!  In Iowa, it's hard to stay indoors in the Winter...Cabin fever sets in and we all want to get out. If you do venture out, do not stay out very long when it's cold outside. Be safe, dress warm and know that Spring is coming!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. My toes are now cold as a reaction to reading about your son's poor frozen piggies...I hope he heals quickly! Ouch! :(

  2. I can't imagine the cabin fever when it's that cold for a long winter. I can see why he risked frostbite. Hope he's healing well!

    Fun to see you post your link at Moms Together. Nice to see you there as well as the usual haunts on Twitter :)

  3. Thank God I live in Denver. 360 days of sunshine! Our snow was trained this year to stay in the mountains. I hope we don't have a drought or blizzard. We are soooo behind in our snow levels.


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