Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Revolving Door At The Dr. Office

OK~ My teens have not had Doctor visits for more than a year and a half~ up until last week!  I took Garrett to the Dr. last Wed. and while we were waiting I stressed to him to use hand sanitizer everywhere while at the Dr. office.  Diagnosis:  Frost Bite.  Fast Forward one week~ Monday night Garrett complains of a headache, asks for Tylenol- this is a kid that usually refuses any sort of medicine.  He gets up Tuesday morning, his eyes are red and he's complaining of his head hurting, and the sunlight bothering his eyes.   I'm thinking, "just a bug."  He goes to school...Miserable the whole day.  He gets up this morning~ eyes are definitely still red.  I call the Dr. office to ask what the procedure is for pink eye these days. "Oh, you need to bring him in."  Ok~ We see the Dr.- conjunctivitis (pink eye) which I knew he had.  This is how the conversation goes while in the car leaving the Dr. office.

Garrett:  "Mom, You even made me go to school with this.  She (referring to the Dr.) said this is contagious"
Me:  "Yep." "You should know by now that this Mom does not take you to the Dr. for every little wimper."
Garrett:  "Well, you are a bad Mom this time."
Me: "I guess I can't win. Had I not taken you to the Dr. last week to get your frost bitten toes checked out...We probably wouldn't be dealing with this pink eye!"

The Lysol is going everywhere~ I don't want pink eye and I don't think anybody else in the house does either!  Now, I'm just wondering......What little bug gripped on to us as we left the Dr. office this Wed.- Hopefully we won't find out next Wednesday! I really do not wish to be that family that takes hold of the revolving door at the Dr.'s office~ After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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