Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Road To A New Pair Of Pajamas

OK~The road to a new pair of pajamas for this Mom was not easy. I had a really fun day shopping with a friend that I am lucky to see once a year. It's a lot of fun to shop the clearance racks once January rolls around. We sorted through the hats, gloves, scarves and then another woman was sharing her great find in the pajama department. So, I'm thinking to myself.  I could really use a new pair of warm pajamas.

I find these......I kind of like them!

For $14.00 (the sign says 70% off), I surely can't go wrong for a total of $14.00.  And of course, they ring up around $30.00.  I pay for them and then start looking at the tags and my receipt. I then tell the woman at the register that these were 70% off. She says, "Oh, let me adjust that!" Ok, she refunds me the difference. Then my friend and I ventured back to the signage in the department which stated what the discounted prices on the lowest marked down price should be. Guess what? The store still owed me money. I found a woman working at another register and approached her. She commented, "I just want to scream. People don't know how to do anything anymore. Just go away." I stated, "Could you please help me?" Well, after listening to her moan and groan I decided the $4.00 the store owed me was not worth it.

A kind note:  If you work in retail- When a customer has the 70% off sign in their hand (which I did) it's probably a good idea to take a look at what is going on. And another note, if the lowest marked down price is scribbled on the ticket~ How on earth is someone supposed to know how much to ring the item up for? Guess what- I'm not returning to that store for quite some time.

Having met the Alliant Energy meter reader guy in my driveway in my old pajamas; this Mom knew that it was time for some new ones! I won't take a  picture what I was wearing when I met up with him. I was venturing to the mailbox and with winter~ we shouldn't have any traffic! I think he was as stunned to meet me at the end of the driveway as I was to meet up with him.

And these new pj's. Not sure what to think.  My 15 & 19 year old sons have both said to me, "What is that?" I'm gonna keep wearing them, as they are warm and I kind of like them. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. They are cute!! Ignore those boys - what do they know?! ;)

    As far as the lady you spoke with, if you got her name, I would shoot an email off to the company!

    Good luck!

  2. You should totally send an email to the company! I really liked this post.



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