Monday, January 24, 2011

Schools, Construction AND Money

OK~ I just returned home from a PTO Meeting for my son's school. My mind began to wander as I drove home. The campus is currently under major construction, and will be for three more years to come. Due to the fact that I have an almost 20 year old and a 10th Grader, my children will not be impacted hugely through this process. But, for those people that have 5th-8th Graders, it's gonna be one heck of a ride for their families. These kids will be moving back and forth in buildings, due to the construction process. And we all know how crazy those tween years are and then throw in some unsettling adventures at school....I'm thankful I do not have a child in that age group right now!

And we currently have the discussion going on in the Iowa State Capitol, in regards to state funding for Pre-School. It looks as though the state of Iowa is on its way to cutting the funding for this program. Personally, I feel that parents need to take some responsibility when it comes to Pre-School and be part of the process of getting their kids ready for school. And yes, I do mean, that it may cost parents some money to do this.We paid for Pre-School for our boys and we never considered someone else paying that monthly fee. For those kids that need special services, they will still be there. After all, one of our sons worked with our AEA when he was in Pre-School. It begins with parenting~ Be an advocate for your child and know what their rights are. All kids will continue to receive an education in the state of Iowa, cutting the funding to a state funded Pre-School will not stop the education process.  In the grand scheme of things, it all begins at home!

I'm not sure about the number of kids in this 7-12 complex, but I'm thinking it's around 1500+ kids and there were 2 Administrators at this PTO meeting tonight and 15 parents. Become involved in your kids' education and your whole family will benefit. I do realize it's not possible or every parent to attend every meeting, but do make an effort to be involved in your school. If you don't participate....I really don't see that you have any reason to complain~ Kind of like the motto that I have:  If I don't vote, I can't complain! And this new construction~ I think it'll be nice...But again, in the grand scheme of things a new building won't make a successful school~ The people inside the building will determine how successful it is! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. only 15 parents? 2 admins?
    wow... that seems rather sad.
    i hope things get better, they need to care


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