Friday, January 14, 2011

The Traveling Germs

OK~ I really, really despise this time of year... It's cold right down to my bones and the germs! Yep, that crazy conjunctivitis one has taken grips of our household.  I have used bleach, Lysol, hand sanitizer, soap and more soap.  All it took was one little visit to a Dr. office and that germ found my youngest son. (Of course I don't know for sure that's where it came from, but makes sense to this Mom). We had a simple visit for frost bitten toes and voila~ a few days later we have pink eye! We had not visited the boys' Doctor for illness in over a year. Now today, my soon to be 20 year old son has it! The race is on- Keep it away from me!  I do not want pink eye....I have had it and I can honestly say it is something I don't wish upon my worst enemy. It's really, really nasty stuff!  The germs~ They keep a traveling and I really want them to head out of the door of this house! Oh, and I thought it was difficult to put eye drops in a babies eye when they have pink took me a few times to tell my 6'2", 15 year old son to have a chair when we did the drops. It was interesting reaching up there~ I'm 5'9" ( and shrinking), glad I got smart!  Right now I'm gonna hang tight and pray that neither I nor my husband wake up with pink eyes tomorrow morning~ On the upside, these traveling germs have things a little cleaner around here~After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Chamomile will get rid of Pink Eye. Here is some information on my blog. We've used this with great success.


  2. Ugh... pink eye is the WORST!!!!!


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