Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Should End Now

OK~ I'm really not liking this season called Winter. 3 degrees outside, two flat tires, and our cats won't even come out of a building. That's how this Mom knows that it's time for Spring to start arriving any day now. With lots of snow on the ground and more to come~seriously, someone remove me from this Arctic Zone! I am tired of the cold....Well, where's the positive in all of this? The plus side- I know exactly where Garrett is- school & home. He's not venturing out, as his frost bitten toes are still healing. And I do know that he is eating well, not missing a meal! And in just a couple weeks, we will no longer have two teenagers in the house, only one!  Blaine will be an official young man, 20 years young!  Hard to believe....Where did those 20 years go? The year he was born...February was nice and March was nasty!  There is hope....those lilac bushes will be blooming before I know it (fingers crossed)! Another sign winter needs to go- I know it's too cold when I can see my breath in the bathroom upstairs.....Gotta love an old Iowa farm house in the Winter! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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