Monday, January 10, 2011

The Word Sensitive

OK~ As a Mom to teens, the word sensitive really entered our lives once our oldest son was around 10 years old.  It was during this time that the every kid that participates deserves a trophy......every kid gets an award for this, that and everything in between. Once I realized this was happening, I can honestly say I avoided the "kid" birthday parties.  I never wanted to have another Mom calling me and saying, "Sara, why wasn't so and so invited?" I did not want to set myself up. Are we too sensitive in our society?  Where does this sensitivity issue stop?  Or does it not stop?

I realize that when I was growing up it was a different time. I had slumber parties and invited my friends, not the whole class. To the best of my knowledge my Mom never received a call from another Mom wondering why her daughter was not included. 4-H was pretty cut and dried. We worked on our projects year round and received ribbons for showing them at the county fair. Then a few months later an awards night was held and everyone did not receive an award. Only one member could be the Outstanding Member of the year, and only one member would receive an Outstanding Leadership award. That was the way it was, one award, one recipient.  In life, not everyone can be #1, not everyone will be the Straight "A" Student, and not everyone will be able to run the mile under 12 minutes!  But, remember it's not OK to address these issues~ if we do, we are not being sensitive to others......

This Mom doesn't get it......The word sensitive is everywhere~ I wish our kids could be kids, teens could be teens, and adults could act like adults!  But due to the sensitive environment we live in, it's best to keep our mouths shut and go on our merry way~ This Mom likes the much simpler days that were~Yep, even in Iowa, the word sensitive is all around~After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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