Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All of This Technology

OK~ After having spent most of yesterday in an airport...I ask this question.....Does anybody talk anymore? Just out of curiosity- I am guilty of it! Texting is convenient and gets right to the point. Since we are all so busy, it's sent when it's convenient for us and it's read when it's convenient. Kindles and Nooks are also convenient. I read a book on my Nook- sounds kind of cool, right?  Book on my Nook! But, I have to admit I was pleased to see that people still do hold actual books in their hands...it's a good feeling!

Oh, and it's interesting to see how many can maneuver the curbs, people, and benches while sporting ear phones and texting. Lets just say I saw some that handled it well AND some not so well! Casual conversation is almost a thing of the past. We are all so consumed in our gadgets and that "need" to be doing something all the time. Angry Birds seemed to be a hit everywhere I went......Oh well.....Just hope this generation ( my boys included) still know how to hold an everyday conversation with other people! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I hear ya! We are very careful to give our kids a little bit of technology, and a healthy dose of "old-school" (books, outside stuff, etc).

    I almost got run over at Target the other day - the lady was texting and driving (her cart in the store) and I was almost a victim! :(

    Have a great day!


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