Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boys & Cars

OK~ I'm thinking of all of the car issues we have had since our 20 year old started driving.......Here's this Mom's shortened list~ I'm thankful (as of right now) that Garrett has no interest in driving......

  • Slashed tires
  • Flat tires
  • Crack up #1~taking out a stop sign
  • Crack up #2~ backing out of a driveway into some innocent man's truck......Reason to check what is parked on the street before you back out of a driveway in town
  • Crack up #3~ Turned left in front of another car
  • Rear ended by a teacher that had been drinking (Ok, I can let this one go)~ But had to go to court to hear the teacher plead guilty
  • Car motor sounds like it is racing
  • And all of the other incidents I can not recall at the moment

The lessons we have all learned~ A chain is a good thing to keep in the truck, as cars do not always go through the snow drifts on our Iowa road. A battery booster is great to have along! It's always helpful to let the car warm up before heading out of the driveway........Uggghhhhhhhhhhh~ I'm thinking those days of stumbling over all of the toys in the family room were great! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day,Right? 

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  1. Well, when I saw the title on twitter - I thought, "OH! I am going to tell her she can come stumble over cars at my house!" But, now I am GLAD I am stumbling over Hot Wheels and not dealing with REAL car issues! Hopefully it gets better quickly! :)



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