Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Snow Day

OK~ I'm thinking it's a snow day for many across the country today.What amazes me that I always find out the news that school is closed for the day through Facebook...How do you find out about your school being closed for the day? I woke up to a local radio station stating a 2 Hour Delay....Well, as time got closer, I ventured out of my warm, cozy bed to the computer. One of my Facebook friends then posted that our local school district is closed for the day. So, at that point, out of curiosity, I bopped over to a local newspaper, turned on the tv, AND checked out another web site that the radio station recommended.  Nope, nothing there!  I'm telling ya...Facebook is where ya gotta go to get the news in the year 2011. Twitter is another place that I often turn to when it comes to getting the news, but guess what....the fail whale won't let me in!  I'll keep trying.

So, as I'm pondering that it's one hour until the bus is scheduled to arrive...Should I wake Garrett up now, or wait?  It was at that point, my little chat box popped up on Facebook~ it was Garrett! That's how a Mom knows she's living in 2011- He's in his bed and sending this message:

Is there school today?
Go Back To Sleep!
Have not seen or heard from him!

We are fortunate to be on the North edge of today's storm, as we were on the South side of yesterday's storm. The weather people are still saying the winds will be picking up later today.....Oh well...another Iowa Snow Day (Actually, our first one this year)! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Would have loved to find out on FB ... but we didn't have any power this morning. It was somewhere below 55 degrees when I finally got up. :o(

    I usually find out because my kid comes in to wake me up and tells me, or because I get a text from the school district.

    At this point I'm really dreading those texts. My 8th grader is going to be well into High School before we make up all the missed days!! LOL


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