Sunday, February 27, 2011

Three Simple Things In Regards To Etiquette At The Gym

OK~ Having returned home from the YMCA.....This Mom has made three observations. If each and every person would just observe these three simple things; our gyms everywhere would be much safer and be a pleasant experience for everyone!
  • Utilize the Family Changing Rooms - It's just wrong to see an 8 year old boy in a Woman's locker room
  • Observe the signs that say, "Do NOT place your personal belongings here "- Yep, I see this time and time again....when all of the chairs have other people's belongings in them...Hello? Where am I supposed to sit to put my shoes on?
  • Wipe down your exercise equipment. Yep, my iPod has taken two swims! All to the fact that the person before me had left a pool of water/sweat in the bottom of the area where my iPod sits. One would think I would remember to check for water, but somehow when I make a quick pre-wipe with a disenfectant....I somehow miss it! 
I love going to the YMCA, and will continue to! But....people. Use some common sense. Show some respect for others! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right? 


  1. Warren TorkelsonFeb 27, 2011, 4:47:00 PM

    Sara- Good points having been in a rec situation and seeing how kids act! Having worked in the new rec center last year that opened in our town it was an eye opener! The simple rule of "respect" does indeed need to be taught at an early age! Kids that normally wouldn't do something on their own when put in groups suddenly behave quite differently. Maybe it's peer pressure to think you have to be like the rest! So while it is a good place for kids to go I think the adults probably like a quieter atmosphere! I know I had that expressed to me while working there by several people. I think the key word here is "respect" for people as well as property! Many new items purchased for the center went through quite a bit of abuse! I had the chance to do that job more which would have meant giving up another job but that was one of the factors I considered. The facility we have is a beautiful one which has been very good for our community!

  2. The part about your Ipod taking (2) swims left me, laughing and, uh, queazy.... I think that's why I prefer to work out outside - plus my two dogs love it - no matter how much snow we get!!!! Thx for the great post. - Evon (also in the Midwest)


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