Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Does Your Kid Have?

OK~ If you are like most parents, your child has been labeled with something or as someone throughout their school days.  Maybe it's ODD, ADHD, ADD, athletic, smart, or something in between.  There's so many labels out there;  I have lost track. This Mom has heard 'em all.....Why do we have to have a label for every little things our kids do~ Is it society that says so? Really, now what is it? In all honesty, I don't see that any of these labels have helped my boys throughout their school days- in fact, I think it has done the opposite!  Who cares if my kid or your kid has tourettes syndrome, asperger's syndrome, or whatever the diagnosis is~ In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? I think it's important for our kids to be diagnosed by a physician if they do seriously have problems, but from the standpoint of fitting in and school performance...this Mom has not seen the good from it. I know we all stress awareness in the key, and I wish that it seriously did help~ I'm still looking to see how awareness helps the situation of most kids!

Now on another note I was saddened to speak with a parent this past week~ This Mom's child will not get the services that her child deserves from her child's school~And you ask why?  I was stunned. Her daughter does not have a label! This Mom is crying to get a label from a Doctor so her daughter can get the help that she needs from her teacher!  This is not only happening in Iowa, but all across the United States~Yikes......This Mom was stunned! For now, this Mom will keep plugging away and being a strong advocate for her boys! So, for the time being...I really don't think any of us really need to know what "your kid" has!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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