Monday, March 14, 2011

Gift Cards~Where you can and can't use them

OK~ I purchased a few gift cards to chain restaurants before we left home on a family road trip. I thought it would be a convenient thing to use while traveling. Well, this Mom learned that all Subway's do not accept their gift cards. We pulled into a gas station which was home to Subway. The logo was Subway, the sign on the interstate was Subway's logo, drinking cups were Subway, AND the sandwiches were all wrapped in Subway paper. We gave the woman at the cash register two Subway Gift Cards...She scanned them and nothing happened. Another employee said, "We don't take those. We are PILOT." OK, I'm thinking we are standing at a Subway counter, the employee accepted them and realized they don't accept them, AND the Subway logo is above my head. We payed for our food, sat down at the table and nowhere on the fine print on these gift cards does it say....."Cannot be used at all Subway's!" Just this Mom's random thoughts.....This Mom will no longer purchase Subway Gift Cards...If they could be used at Subway, this Mom would buy them! And if this is the case, Subway needs to let their customers know that Subway gift cards are only valid at select restaurants. It would be nice if Subway would clarify how their gift cards work....After All, It's All In a Mom 's Day, Right?

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  1. I've heard that before, that restaurants that are located INSIDE another store seem to be the exception to the rule. Another example, we got our kids Starbucks gift cards for their Christmas stockings every year (they love the frozen drinks). However, the Starbucks located inside the Barnes & Noble store does not accept Starbucks gift cards, but DOES accept Barnes & noble gift cards, because they are actually affiliated with B&N. Doesn't make sense to me, because like you said, the brand name and logo is everywhere and the gift card doesn't specify any limitations.


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