Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Hospitality Industry

OK~ We've been on a family vacation, and let me tell you- this Mom has three general observations that she has not been pleased with. To the best of my knowledge, the hospitality industry is all about making each of us feel welcome and providing us with accommodations that feel like home.  In regards to the hospitality industry as a whole, this Mom has observed-

  • The hotels we have stayed at are very short staffed- When Housekeeping has not arrived by 6:00 p.m. and the Front Desk finds that acceptable. (Yes, I said 6:00 p.m.)!
  • The simple things just need a little TLC- How about some paint?  Good Golly, our beach front resort hotel room would have appeared much nicer with a little bit of paint!
  • A lock on the door- It is amazing to me that hotels can even stay in business, in today's world, without proper working locks on doors.
These three simple steps could probably make these properties top notch ones to recommend! I know that the people working behind the front desk, and pushing the housekeeping cart around are doing their jobs. We don't stay at Hotels very often, so when we do, we expect service with a smile! I have to say that the last Hotel we stayed at in Iowa (yes, the fire alarm did go off), was clean, cozy, and inviting. On a happier note, my family & I have visited three awesome theme parks in the past few days~ and I have awesome pics and fun things to share with you! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right? 


  1. My mom works as a desk clerk at a hotel. I can tell you this is one industry that is REALLY hurting in the recession. To keep her job my mom had to take a cut in hours PLUS a pay cut of over $2/hr. All employees there had to take an hours cut and a pay cut and the owner now works over 40 hours/week just to stay afloat.

    He owns 2 hotels, side by side, and some nights they are lucky to have a dozen rooms rented.

    So in all honesty-even a paint of coat is not in the budget at this point. That is probably the reason for the short staffing too. Though a lock would be a safety issue, so that's unacceptable.

    Just throwing that out there :)

  2. I heard from two employees of these hotels that they were in the same boat as your Mom. Working long hours, cuts in pay & it was getting very, very hard to show up to work with a smile. I had a really nice conversation with these people and it's so sad that these times have so many people so down. We all need to focus on the positive and make the best of what we have!

  3. I am surprised to hear about your experience, most specifically the basis safety issue of the lock! Yes, paint is almost needing to be touched up and even at hotels that are not as desperately bad off as others, it can be hard just to get them all done on a routine basis. 6pm housekeeping service is pretty unacceptable as well....sounds like overtime is being paid if they are there that late and that is worse then just simply cutting hours a bit. Every hotel manager has to find the balance in service and payroll (which is the #1 expense in any hotel) and that Manager is choosing badly I think.....

  4. We should focus on the pos but sometimes it's hard though when you're working for less pay and less hours and can't afford to feed your kids or don't know how you will pay your rent/mortgage. (My husband was laid off 2 years ago and JUST got a job 2 weeks ago-we had NO income from Dec-now as he still hasn't gotten his first check)

    I'm sure seeing people on vacation (with extra money, enjoying time off, etc) makes it even harder.

    But, I will say, if *I* owned a business, I'd make sure my employees had a good attitude with customers-there are PLENTY of people out there right now looking for work, which means bad employees could be easily replaced with good ones....


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