Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where's Your Line.....

OK~ Every parent knows there is a time when "the line" will have to be drawn. I'm just curious....When is it OK to draw this line? I've worked hard to instill hard work, responsibility, accountability, and respect into my boys.....I do wonder what has sunk in at different times, don't we all?

We, as parents, expect our schools to be accepting to all..and they do a pretty good job of that! Sure, there is work to be done, but this is something that continues to evolve in ways I never envisioned. I am no longer in the running for Mother of the I made my son attend classes today for 1 1/2 hours. There was an early dismissal due to the Iowa High School Girls State Basketball Tournament. Our girls basketball team made it to State- First time ever~ Big Congrats to these girls~ they earned it!

I was surprised to learn that several parents took the initiative to call their kids into the school to excuse them. I'm thinking out loud here- it's probably an unexcused absence. Now, in my day, an unexcused absence was something I and my parents took seriously! Today, it seems like a socially acceptable thing to do~ This Mom is confused.....I just hope that my boys know that in the work place, it is not OK to call in just because you are tired, want to sleep in, or say, "'s only 1 1/2 hours!"

Oh yes.....and I did skip a PE Class in high school~ I have the letter that my parents received from the PE teacher....The letter states, "Sara skipped class on such and such a date- AND she admitted to skipping the class." I am not here to say I am perfect...I am not a perfect parent and do not claim to be...But, I think our kids are confused enough in today's world...We, as adults, need to send the same message to our kids~ One that will teach them accountability and not all of this entitlement....that so many teens/young adults think they deserve in today's world.

So, where's your line? You kind of know where mine is.........After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. AH! My kids are toddlers and I teach them preschool from home, so I haven't even THOUGHT this far in advance, but now my wheels are turning :)

    I grew up in a small town where my dad owned his own business and ranched/farmed on the side. There were times that we were absent from school because we were working (living in a desert area makes farming hard and when our turn for water came, we had to tend to it. There was no way around it) and it was counted against us. I'll never forget the day my 6'3" dad hashed it out with the 5'9" principal over this issue. Needless to say, our absentees were no longer counted against us after that. It wasn't like we ENJOYED skipping school to shovel mud, haha!
    That being said, I think it depends on the circumstance. I never ditched or ever even wanted to. My husband on the other hand??? Let's hope my preschoolers follow after their mom on this account!


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