Saturday, April 30, 2011

Being a Mom is a Grand Experience.....

OK~ You know being a Mom brings with it many ups and downs. But we all know that the ups DO make up for all of the downs. After all, we may not like what our kiddos do, but we always love them! It's all about forgiveness and accepting our kids for who they are. Highlights of being a Mom to teens includes the following:

  • It's kind of like being a teenager again...You stay up late (gotta wait to hear them walk in the door) and rise and shine early (gotta make sure they are up for school)!
  • Experiencing those "firsts" all over again.....That first solo drive- This is really good for everyone, right?
  • Hair color~ Moms to teens get to experience the excitement of the hair coloring experience, right with their teens.....This Mom recalls the night her teen called and said, "Mom, you need to pick me up at the driveway. I'm by the water fountain...BTW- My hair is black!  Yes, he colored his hair in a city park with his friends......He WAS a  blondie when he left the house that day!
If you feel the need to take a photo or two of your experiences.....How about a  Mother's Day Photobook for Mom? Kids grow up fast and it's always nice to have "proof" of some of life's crazy moments! Or better yet, personalize your event~ Personalized Photo gifts  for Mom are always appreciated!

All of the late nights, crazy firsts, and gray hairs are what every Mom secretly desires. Lets face it, if we Moms didn't experience all of these great events, being a Mom would just be kind of boring, right? Being a Mom is a wonderful experience, as there are many ups and downs. From that first smile when they are a few weeks old until that BIG smile when they move out; all of those moments in between are what make up this great journey of Motherhood.

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and I know that I appreciate my Mom more and more each day. Mother's Day Cards always make Moms Day...Can't go wrong with a great card!  Life goes by fast, as the saying goes, "Don't Blink, or you will miss it!" This Mom is asking herself, "Wow, Why did I blink?" It's all about the circle of life and this Mom is glad she's on board. Being a Mom is exciting, crazy, and one of life's greatest experiences! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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