Saturday, April 2, 2011

Books....Those Crazy Book Orders

OK~ We dug through a closet in Garrett's room last evening. We found book after book after book....and the list goes on and on. Remember those crazy "Book Fairs" that your child's school hosts? Well, this Mom was suckered into purchasing more than a few books at these "fun" events! I always told myself the profit went to a good cause, my child's school. Several of these books were in terrific shape, a few were tattered and torn....This Mom could not say, "NO!" How can a Mom say no when a child wants a book? It seemed more appealing than the battle at the checkout stands at the department store- you know? The chocolate, candy bars, and trinkets....I could easily tell my child, NO!" But, when it came to a book, I said, "YES!" So, do you fall for those book fairs like this Mom did? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I totally understand! In the name of literacy, how could you refuse a request for a book? Despite the piles, I'm sure you conveyed a "healthy" message! :)


  2. I love reading, and I love my children reading. I will have to say though, our book collection is too much. I know this because I am always picking them up! I have gotten better! I pick a couple fundraisers a year. Not all of them. It is still tempting though!


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