Friday, April 1, 2011

Bring Your Own Bags, BUT.........

OK~ I head out to the store and 9 times out of 10, I do remember to bring my own shopping bags. Just today I carried my bags with me into the store and hit the checkout with a cart load of groceries. Why is it that stores really encourage us to do this, when their employees give you "the look?" It's quite obvious that most employees at these stores just cringe when they see Moms like me approaching the register with six/seven bags in tow. It is true- the bagging area is not very user friendly for those employees. Maybe it's time that these store looked at how they could make some improvements to these bagging areas.

Oh yeah...and they advertise~ a 5 cent per bag credit! Well, I did not receive my credit (as usual). I look at is my small contribution to helping make our world a little cleaner place! That nickel could really add up over the course of a year, but until stores are really ready to accept Moms like me~ it's going to be a little rocky! I'll keep dragging my bags to the store and just one time, I know it's coming, I'll meet a really friendly person working at the check-out stand and appreciate the fact that I brought my own bags. Just my ramblings for the day. Garrett usually comments, "Mom, they really don't care if you have your own bags!" From the look I got from the employee today, I am sad to say that I agree with his statement...So, are you making the time to drag your own bags to the store? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Target, huh?! ;)

    Most of my bags are the cute-sy ones from Toys (or Babies) R Us ... so we usually have a discussion about how cute my bags are.

    When it's time for the total, I say "Oh, and you used X number of bags, did you scan the coupon for those?"

    Good luck! :)

    I really couldn't agree more with you, though. It is going to be rough until they come up with a better system for our bags.


  2. YES~ Target it was! I know I am not alone.....

  3. The target here only gives a 2 cent credit per bag. ugh.
    And neither target or walmart bagging areas are friendly for reusable bags.

    We take them 8/10 times, and my husband just tells them he'll bag it, since we dislike how they bag anyway.

  4. Hi Sara some people are calling for the 5 cent credit for bag system here instead of what we do have and that is a 5 cent charge for every bag we need from the grocery store.

    I find that if I do not have enough bags of my own I will use an empty box that a lot of the stores pile out in front.


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