Friday, April 15, 2011

Wild Adventures~Valdosta, Georgia~ Highlights of our Day!

OK~ If you have not visited Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia~ lets just say, you are missing out! The newest arrival~ The Indian Rhinos...Check 'em out~ If you need to know what to look for while visiting the park...Here ya go! An interesting animal, don't ya think?

If you hop on this Safari might get a close up of this amazing animal!

And then there is the Cheetah..........These three were ready to rumble~ Check out that line?  My boys loved that part of this park and look how clean it is!

The Cheetah........

Wooden Roller Coaster Enthusiasts everywhere will love this coaster~ 62 mph in 1 min. 40 seconds~ Fun!!!!!!

Heading out for a fun ride!

When you find yourself cruising through Georgia, on I-75, be sure to plan for a day of adventure at Wild Adventures Theme Park! You will have a fun day with your family. From the coasters, attractions and daily shows....smiles will be all around! 

*Our family did receive one day of complimentary passes to this theme park. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's. Photos are courtesy of Wild Adventures Theme Park and my personal photos.

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