Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday, "G!"

OK~ Garrett is 16 today! Where have 16 years went?

  • Hours spent playing in a sand box
  • Cub Scout/Boy Scout Camp Outs
  • Sunday School
  • Hunting with Wally
  • School, school, and school
  • High School Trap Shooting
Yep, the years have flown by. I am recalling the night Garrett decided to whittle a piece of paper- a fine thing to do with a stick while on a Boy Scout camp-out, not a fine thing to do within the four walls of his bedroom. An Emergency Room visit........

And then I recall the night on a Boy Scout campout- Garrett and a couple other Boy Scouts designed their own route back to the camp site. Well, thankfully a NICE neighbor to the Boy Scout camp gave them a ride back to the camp!

And then there was the time Garrett blew out a flaming marshmallow~ Yep, another Emergency Room visit......The flames got the best of his lips!

Mr. Search and Destroy is growing up! This Mom is a the midget in the house~ everyone else is way over 6 feet tall. I guess I'll hang out and enjoy what life has to toss our way and know that I am doing the best that I can. You know, being a Mom is a great job, and as we all know how HARD it is! Seriously, Garrett, I do wish you would smile for the camera....

Happy Birthday to the baby in my house! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right? 


  1. Quick before someone else notices.... you have to change your about me, it says you have "and15 years old-" Boy are you behind in the times lol


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