Monday, May 16, 2011

The Month of May

OK~ Why is it that it seems everything happens in May? Yep, the month of May! "G" turned 16- Woo Hoo! One Bridal Shower down for the season....several high school graduations to attend, a couple college graduates in the family (the month of May, of course), weddings, Confirmation, high school sporting events, planting a garden in 40 degree temps,and the end of the school year ...Oh, and then there is Memorial Day~And Wally's birthday is even in May!

How does a Mom fit all of this in? Well, this Mom is just rolling right along with all of the fun and chaos, as I know May will become fairly quiet in a few years.....Or maybe not! I'm thinking some of these events should be moved to a "quiet" month, like January! Anybody in? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I hear ya sister!! 3 of our birthdays are in May on top of the end of the school year, graduations, etc. I have to admit it's my favorite month though! ;)

    You shared some awesome info last night!! Can't wait to meet you at Bloggy Conference!!

  2. That's July for me but it starts in May and goes through August. May is Mother's Day, my anniversary and Memorial Day. June is my daughter's birthdy, my MIL birthdy, my 2 brother's birthday and the end of school. July is my birthday, my stepdaughter's, my husband's, my dad's and my son's birthday. August closes it off with my parent's anniversary and then it's back to school. Summertime is truly neverending in our house. :)


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