Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trapshooting is a Sport for both boys and girls

OK~ Our family has been very busy this Spring with the Iowa High School Trapshooting season in the state of Iowa. We have several boys, as well as girls on our high school team; and I must introduce you to one of the inspiring young ladies on our team....Hannah!

Hannah is a Freshman and this is her first year on the team! Just a month ago on April 9th, she smashed a total of 14 out of 50 targets at one of our meets.....And through her hard work, dedication to tracking and smashing each target~ She hit 36 targets this past week at a meet and placed 3rd!  Check out that medal! (She was not the only girl from out team that placed~ our girls took 1st, 2nd & 3rd place)! Hannah is an example of- "If you put your mind in the game, want to have fun while improving your score~ good things will come!"

Doesn't that smile just motivate you to get out and accomplish something you have been wanting to try? Our high school trapshooting team is blessed with wonderful volunteer coaches, boys/girls that want to be involved in an extra-curricular activity and every member of the team shoots at every meet! Trapshooting is a sport where there are no bench warmers or kids on the team for that "just in case" moment. A sport that these boys/girls can partake in for many years to come. Hannah is a great example- she has stuck it out and is becoming a more confident person!

As you can tell, this Mom is a big supporter of Iowa High School Trapshooting. I see lifelong skills being learned- from self discipline to patience. I do wish all of our schools would see the value in this sport. Many boys and girls are excelling and becoming more confident individuals, due to their success in trapshooting. If a school administrator would take the time to check out just ONE practice, I think they would be able to see the value of this sport! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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