Monday, June 13, 2011

Laundry 101: Back To Basics

OK~ About seven years ago I decided that I really, really needed one of those WONDERFUl front load washing machines. Well, $1,100.00 later I had one! I'm sorry to say that this was one of the most regretful purchase this household had ever made. Many dollars in repairs later AND after I had donated my 17 year old washing machine, (which, by the way, worked fine) to charity. My front load washer decided to bite the dust at 7 years of age.......I must say I never did like that thing....Here's how my clothes looked 99% of the time when they came out of it....

And our clothes always smelled funny...But this seems to go with the territory of owning a front load washing machine....Anyway, this Mom is happy to report she has purchased a $325.00 (sale priced) top load washing machine from Sears and she loves it. Yep, that 17 year old top loader that I dearly loved was from Sears, AND that front loader was also from Sears. I'm giving this another try. Maybe we just had some bad luck, but I really, really like this new washing machine! Isn't it crazy how a washing machine can make a Mom so happy?

If this washing machine lasts 1/4 of the time that my front loader did, I'm money ahead! Our clothes are clean, they do not smell funny, and I can get a nice size load in here............So, it's Back to Basics- this Mom may be old fashioned, but she sure likes her new top loading washing machine! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. We bought a really fancy front loader a little over a year ago, and so far-- I'm not impressed with it. I thought maybe it was something I was doing wrong, but our clothes also have kind of a weird smell. Not stinky, but not that CLEAN smell they used to get with our old washer. And yes-- our clothes comes out tangled and twisted just like yours. Takes a little bit of extra time before putting them in the dryer to unwind each pairs of pants, etc... I'd love to switch back, but we have too much $$ invested in them. I just have to wait until they quit on us...

  2. I haven't had a front loader, but most of my mom friends do and don't like them. I'm happy with my 800 w/d set! Two years after buying them, and no complaints yet and the dryer makes our clothes look great! I'm glad to find you...I'm an Iowa mom myself :)

  3. I heard horror stories on front loaders and I am so happy with my top loader washing machine. It stayed with the house that we bought and I have been here for almost 8 years and running like a baby. I do like the one I have so much because it has the big drum. After reading your story if mine happens to break down I will go with another top loader. Would drive me nuts if my clothes came out like that! Good choice Sara

  4. That's so strange! We currently have frontloaders and they don't get tangled or smell funky. They work fantastic!

    Front load or top load though, I still have to reach and contort to get all my clothes out. xD

  5. I have a front loader (my first machine) - I don't hate it, but I don't love it. You are right, it smells funny. I recently heard that you shouldn't use liquid soap with them, so I have switched to powder, but now I have funny white spots in the machine!

    SO glad you are happy with your BASIC machine! (That's what I will get when I need a new one!)



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