Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life Is Fun When Your Kids Find Their Passion

OK~ I must share........It has been such a fun High School Trapshooting season in the state of Iowa, and I'm kind of sad to see another successful season wrap up at the Iowa High School Trapshooting meet this Saturday in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Trapshooting is a passion for our 16 year old son. Do your kids have a passion? If they's important to let them experience it!

Trapshooting has given our son a ton of confidence AND he feels good about himself! All kids do have something that they do enjoy....Let them jump in and see how it feels! 90% of our high school trapshooting meets have warranted long underwear and winter coats~ BUT, it's still been a successful season. The whole team has learned to roll with the weather conditions, after all, Mother Nature has her own calendar.

Tonight was a great way to finish the high school trapshooting season at our home...the last practice and Garrett shot his first 25 straight!  Yes, this is a BIG deal in the sport of trapshooting........ And it was time to shoot up his hat!
AND....Here's the results!

A boy and his passion~ This Mom loves this! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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