Friday, June 10, 2011

Moving Out~ Moving Back In

OK~ As a Mom to a 20 year old, I am all ears when parents talk about moving their "kids" all around....Well, we officially joined that group about a month ago. Blaine decided he was ready to move into his own place, with someone else. Within this two week time frame, he managed to lock himself out of his apartment (Day #2) and locked his extra set of keys in his car....Yeah, you read all of this right....

We moved him out AND then we moved him back in. You know how we Moms have instincts...I knew he had to try it and I also knew it would just not work. He's back home and really maturing and trying to figure out his future plan......Thankfully he has two jobs, works hard, and is really fitting in with our family.  Young adults do drift at times....It's fun to see that he wants to spend time with us..yep, that includes grandparents and cousins as well. Your family is who will always be there......It's so important for our young people to see that!

So, for now, he's back home! In due time I do know we will be moving him out again~ It's that roller coaster of life...Hop on and enjoy the ride~ After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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